Sunday, December 26, 2010

Someone call a Doctor, I've gone viral!

Here's the short film that was made to accompany the show at the Hive Gallery in August of 2010. These pieces are intended for a children's book that I am also currently working on. Thanks to everyone involved for all your support.

Happy Holidays!

p/s- i've been told that the score for this piece will be done sometime before summer...take care.

Friday, November 26, 2010

'Cherry blossom'

'Cherry Blossom'   11" x 14" 
This piece is going to be in the Hive gallery for their Price...Less show starting December 4th. For more information please go here

'Floating' a recent drawing

'Grape leave dreams'

'Grape leave dreams' is a piece I just finished for my dearest friends back in Pennsylvania.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day of the Dead

A piece completed recently.

Hell or high water

'Hell or high water' 11" x 14" acrylic (left and right sides of the piece shown also)

From the photo shoot of my friend  Julie for this painting and her dog Pokey
I created this piece for the Hive's 'Hell vs the Monster Mash' show. My friend Julie was gracious enough to be my model for the piece as I was thinking of a Vampira-esc woman as the main character. Since I prefer beaches in cool weather being at the beach in the hot sun can sometimes feel like hell if the umbrella got left behind and I am sunburning.
I couldn't resist Pokey being shaded by a cool bone umbrella hat and the Monster mash going on in the background. Happy Halloween!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hell vs. Monster Mash!

I am currently working on a new piece for the themed group show at the Hive. My artist friend David Gough is one of the featured artists. Congratulations David!

HEAVEN AND HELL- Two galleries and performances, One Night
$15 entrance to Temple of Visions, "Heavenly" themed show ( &
The Hive gallery's "Hell vs. The Monster Mash" themed show

$8 for one gallery only (The Hive will have catered bar, The Temple catered vegan food and drink)

October 2nd, 8-12:30AM
$8 at door/ $5 for those dressed in Halloween Costume
Show runs Oct. 2nd- 30th

Featured Artist 1: David Gough
Featured Artist 2: Megan Elizabeth Ford
Tall Wall Artist: Monica Martinez
Small Wall Artist: J. Salvador
Installation Artist: Michael Carbonaro
"Hell Vs. The Monster Mash" artists:

Augie Pagan / Chet Zar / Holly Wood / Jeff Levine / Mike Bilz / McEvoy & Rodriguez / Juan Alvarado / Bill Bronson / Craig Cartwright / Christopher Umana / Erick Rodriguez / J.Slattum / Janet Kim / Ivan Vega / Sphinx / Stephan Cave / Snow Mack / Celene Petrulak / Janet Kim / Nathan Cartwright / Rick Strieck / Nicole Bruckman / Brandon Sopinsky / Robin Cohen / Jessica Ward / Kio Griffith / Anna Todaro / Macsorro / Henry Cram / Brett Hess / Holly Wood / Josie Portillo / Kim Zsebe / Charles Swenson / Marianne Williams / Apricot Mantle / Pukac / Justin Lewis / Heather Seals / Jeff Levine / Heidi Calvert / Jason Shorr / Elizabeth Caffey / Pukac / Delphia / Steven Sattler / Paul Garcia / Edward Frausto / Andrew Long / Paul Whitehead / Max Neutra / Hestin Lostwood / Kenny B. Harris / DavidR / Misaki Sawada / Jinx / Cynthia Rogers / Roxy Morataya / Pamela Mower Conner / Septerhead / Scott Aicher / Melody Grace Duenas / Michael Banks / Larkin / Jeff Christensen / Zara Kand / Hembert Guardado / David Alvarez / Matjames Metson / Skyler Gonzalez / Ton Haring /
Trenton M / Chris Dyer / David Brady / and more!!!!

Video Art by:
Mike Meza


Seeing Things
Dj Kenzo
Dj Ethos
Wet Mango

Resident Artists:

Sensei / Nathan Cartwright / Mary Spring / Greg Gould / Walt Hall / Sarah Winkle / John Dang / Douglas Alvarez / Jinx / J.Salvador
/ Feminine Oddities / Shrine / Sonik / Ichae Ackso / Leyla Akdogan / Stephan Canthal / Paul Torres / Laura Diamond / Mike Street
/ The Little Red Writer / Randy Kono / Sara Hedstrom / Alex Schaefer / Patrick Haemmerlein / Alan DeForest / Bethany Pratt / Meagan Boyd /
/ Wasmi / Radhika Hersey / Amanda Sage / Romina Gonzales / Yuki Miyazaki / Sophia Gasparian / Ink Pen Mutations Press / Doug Meyer /
Nicole Bruckman / Glenn Fox



Seraphime Angelis
Medium, Astrologer, Card Reader, Poet

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


photo taken by Shonn
I just put six hand painted box purses at Score in San Diego. Stop by Dimitri's shop for vintage shoes and bags, clothes from far away places and interesting items. The store is located at 1750 Robinson Ave San Diego CA 92103. My boxes are priced from $110 - $150.
Gum is for lovers took some lovely shots of a few of the boxes. Check out his photos here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buzzin' from the Hive

I felt so at home getting the installation ready for the Hive, painting the walls, hanging the artwork and finishing the display. It was incredibly fun! The 10 minute video Shonn put together for me turned out great(which I will be posting soon)! It all came together in the end and the vision in my head came to fruition. I was lucky enough to meet a few of the other artists and my friend David Gough also has an intriguing painting in the show. There is still time to stop by, the show runs until the 28th.

Thank you to Shonn for all the hours putting the video together and for all the help, Nik for fixing all our technical problems, Macoe for the projector, John and Andi for letting us stay, Nathan for giving me the installation space this month, Julie for helping me make my dress and to my friends driving far distances to support me!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

August 7th at the Hive!

The Hive Gallery and Studios presents:

"Beerotica 3 Themed show" and "Erotrospective: The Best of Bluegirl"

OPENING: August 7th 8-12:30AM
$8 at door/ $5 for those dressed in Black and Yellow
Show runs August 7th- 28th

Featured Artist 1: Cate Rangel
Featured Artist 2: Melody Duenas
Featured Artist 3: Janet Kim
Tall Wall Artist: Sophia Gasparian
Small Wall Artist: Anna Todaro
Installation Artist: Celene Petrulak

August 2010 Artists

"Beerotica" themed artists: - Hive artists celebrate the summer with bees on the spicier side of life

Joseph Larkin / Salah / JM / Marty Gordon / Simon Estrada / Audrey McNamara / Terry Kim / Sherry DeLorme / Jeremy Cross / Andrew Long / David Gough / Loretta Gonzalez / Jason Shorr / Skyler Gonzalez / Amy Shawley / Mary Spring / Jessica Valencia / Shannon O'Connor / Joe Baric / Pukac / Ivan Godinez /

Erotrospective: The best of bluegirl- Heidi will be exhibiting her favorite erotic artists over the years in all mediums

Clive Barker / David J / Heidi Calvert / Steve Diet Goedde / Dave Naz / LCroskey / bd Miller / Eric Hill / Aaron Piotr Rushmore / Bill Bronson / Kitty Brown / Rick Morris / VK7 / Crystal Sylver / Bill Pacak / Marianne Williams / Stephan Canthal / Oriana Nazworthy / Alex Schaefer / June Juliet / David Foto / Rae Threat / Miss Numa / Ozzie Rosales / Robin Davey & Greta Valenti / Monica Roache / Rico JC / Karla Usag

Projection: Ramzi Abed's "The New Erotic"

Performances by:
The Makers
Sunshine Factory
Dj Kronick
Amy Wolkins
La Fille

Resident Artists:

Sensei / Nathan Cartwright / Mary Spring / Greg Gould / Walt Hall / Sarah Winkle / John Dang / Douglas Alvarez / Jinx / DC / / Feminine Oddities / Shrine / Sonik / Ichae Ackso / Leyla Akdogan / Stephan Canthal / Paul Torres / Laura Diamond / Mike Street / The Little Red Writer / Randy Kono / Sara Hedstrom / Alex Schaefer / Patrick Haemmerlein / Alan DeForest / Bethany Pratt / Radhika Hersey / Romina Gonzales / Yuki Miyazaki / Sophia Gasparian / Ink Pen Mutations Press / Doug Meyer / Meagan Boyd / Glenn Fox / Nicole Bruckman



Seraphime Rhyianir
Medium, Astrologer, Card Reader, Poet

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Fables and Follies

June 11th - July 6th
'Dead Ends' has traveled to the Alternative Cafe Gallery
This group show was curated by Creep Machine
Some of the other artists involved Jeremy Forson, J.R. Goldberg,
Dan Hardin, David Ho, Ken Keirns,
Jason Levesque, Dave McDowell, Apricot Mantle, Jessica Ward
1230 Fremont Blvd., Seaside, CA 93955
The opening reception will be Saturday June 11th from 6-9 pm
For inquiries about this piece please contact the Alternative Cafe Gallery.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Saturday

The San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies class presents:

Imaginarium: A Voyage into Creativity: Has the creative process ever been fully understood? Throughout history, artists have used creativity and imagination to convey their ideas in every possible medium imaginable. This exhibit showcases an eclectic group of five San Diego artists and reveals how they create their work. Come view rarely seen sketches, objects of inspiration, and other forms of non-traditional methods and materials used in the art making process.

During the opening reception, Katherine Brannock will literally ‘bring to life’ anamorphic pen and ink drawings with a feminist theme. Bret Daniel investigates formal relationships within linear compositions that are gracefully framed by molded luminous neon strokes. With a taste for satire, May-Ling Martinez engineers mechanically poetic sculptures. Wendell Kling presents a playful fusion of sound and lights in a magical interactive electronic sculpture and Cel├źne Petrulak paints nostalgic and soulful Pop Surrealist portraits.

The public is invited to join in a conversation on Imaginarium: Voyage into Creativity during the opening and closing receptions. The opening reception will feature a conversation with the artists, ‘live’ art performance and music. The closing reception will include live music and art demonstrations by the San Diego Art Department staff.

at the San Diego Art Department
3830 Ray Street
San Diego CA 92104

April 17th - May 9th 2010
Opening reception Saturday April 17th 6-9 pm
Closing reception Saturday April 8th 6-9 pm

Gallery hours:
Monday - Thursday 10 am - 10 pm
Friday - 12 pm- 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday - 10 am - 5 pm

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There is something strange in my tea!

'There is something strange in my tea'
11" x 14"

I painted this piece for an Alice in Wonderland inspired show at the Hive gallery. The opening reception is this Saturday March 6th from 8:30pm -12:30 am.
The show will be up until the 27th.
The Hive Gallery
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles CA 90014

Saturday, February 27, 2010

S.S. Disaster travels to Los Angeles

I am thrilled two of my pastel paintings from the S.S. Disaster series were selected to be apart of the group show 'Everything but the kitsch n' sync' at La Luz de Jesus.
Opening reception is on Friday March 5th from 8-11pm
with the show running until the 28th.
La Luz de Jesus
4633 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90027'Out to sea, you and me'
12 1/4 x 15 1/4"
pastel painting

'S.S. Disaster'
22 1/2" x 16 1/2"
pastel painting

Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Group Show at the Hive!

This painting 'the metamorphosis' has traveled up to Los Angeles to be in a group show at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. The inspiration for this piece was Franz Kafka and the place he lived. It is amazing to me he actually wanted his work to be burned.

The piece is 8" x 7 3/4" • $130 and was created on a small canvas mounted to wood painted on the edges.

Saturday February 6th is the opening reception from 8 pm - 12:30 am.

Train ride to Glendale

On Thursday I took my first train ride to Glendale CA. I traveled there to visit with the artist sisters CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy and to finish my part in the collaborative painting we are working on. Their studio was built by their Grandfather and is an amazing space! I feel so privileged to have been able to work with them. They are lovely, talented women! The painting is the one all the artists started to work on at the 'Trappings' show in January which will be auctioned off for the charity Lunch Bunch. My part of the painting was inspired by the migration of the monarch butterfly. These are my photos from the trip.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'Entangled Secrets'

This is a sneak peek of one of my pieces for the 'Trappings' show this friday. A few months ago Shonn brought home a deceased hummingbird he had found on the sidewalk. To see all the beautifully colored feathers shimmering in the sun was breathtaking. It was such a sad but beautiful sight. I sat outside trying to capture the colors in a pastel. This piece is a homage to the hummingbird.

This Friday 'Trappings' curated by the artist sisters

This friday January 15th is the opening reception for the 'Trappings' show at the WWA Gallery in Culver City, CA. It will be from 7-10 pm and the artists involved in the show will be doing a live painting that will be donated to the Lunch Bunch charity who feed the homeless of Los Angeles. This is a group exhibition curated by the artist sisters CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy. I will have 4 new paintings in this show.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Hive 'Bee Here Now' Show Saturday January 9th 2010

When I was first asked to be in this show I immediately got a vision in my mind's eye. Lucky for me my artist friend Macoe(click here to see her work) agreed to be my model. I got to photograph her while in a state of meditation. I am very thrilled with how the painting came out. We agreed that when this painting is up for sale 5 % would be donated to a charity of her choosing.
The title of the painting is 'At Peace Within.' This piece will be in a group show entitled "Bee Here Now 2" at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. The opening reception is Saturday January 9th 2010 from 8pm - 1 am. To see the flyer and more information on the show please click here. Thank you to Macoe!

Happy New Year!

We started the New Year in San Francisco walking the streets until our legs were ready to crumble, riding line no.5 to the edges of the city hoping the camera obscura building was open, getting lost trying to find the Japanese tea garden in Golden Gate Park, attended a warehouse party New Year's Eve and made short movies in the smoking section, ate at our favorite crepes place called Crepes Express on upper Haight street, found Japantown and ate a tasty japanese meal, ending our trip at the City Lights Bookstore (place where many beat writers first got their writings published) and then the Beat Museum while we only had 10 minutes left on the meter. Now home again where many layers of clothes are no longer needed. San Francisco so full of beautiful old buildings and mom and pop shops. Fantastic start to the New Year! Happy 2010!