Tuesday, August 31, 2010


photo taken by Shonn
I just put six hand painted box purses at Score in San Diego. Stop by Dimitri's shop for vintage shoes and bags, clothes from far away places and interesting items. The store is located at 1750 Robinson Ave San Diego CA 92103. My boxes are priced from $110 - $150.
Gum is for lovers took some lovely shots of a few of the boxes. Check out his photos here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buzzin' from the Hive

I felt so at home getting the installation ready for the Hive, painting the walls, hanging the artwork and finishing the display. It was incredibly fun! The 10 minute video Shonn put together for me turned out great(which I will be posting soon)! It all came together in the end and the vision in my head came to fruition. I was lucky enough to meet a few of the other artists and my friend David Gough also has an intriguing painting in the show. There is still time to stop by, the show runs until the 28th.

Thank you to Shonn for all the hours putting the video together and for all the help, Nik for fixing all our technical problems, Macoe for the projector, John and Andi for letting us stay, Nathan for giving me the installation space this month, Julie for helping me make my dress and to my friends driving far distances to support me!