Wednesday, July 31, 2013

pastel painting
8" x 10"

Here it is, the pastel that will be in the August group show at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles.  Seeing that it was a Lisa Frank inspired show I started to look up her art online. I was surprised at how many stickers, folders and trapper keepers I had of hers when I was younger! Hope you enjoy!

If interested in acquiring this piece, please contact Nathan Cartwright at the Hive Gallery at (213)955-9051

Monday, July 29, 2013

"Chroma GoGo: A Tribute to Lisa Frank" at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles CA

This upcoming Saturday, August 3rd I will have a pastel in this show! at The Hive Gallery729 S. Spring St.Los Angeles, CA 90014

The Hive Gallery is proud to present:

"Chroma GoGo: A Tribute to Lisa Frank"
Opening- August 3, 8-11:30PM
$5 Suggested Donation for opening show
Runs: Aug.3- 31st

Featured Artist 1: Rothicka
Featutred Artist 2: Tyoni Aragon
Tall Wall Artist: Jennie Cotterill
Installation Artist: Hollis Hart

"Chroma GoGo: A Tribute to Lisa Frank" - Featuring The Girls of Splendor Device
( 20% of sales from the Tribute show will go to the Children's Hospital of Tucson )
Full List of Girls of Splendor Device:

Female-Inspired Group Show Artists:

MJ Lindo / Celene Petrulak / PAZ / Zara Kand / Charles Swenson / Ellen Schinderman / Harris Johnson / Quinn Salazar / Carlos Etcheverry / Ashleymarie Sey Lively / Pingping Chen / Mo Powers /

Anne Walker / Erin Stone / Erik Flores / Farida Lam / Annette Hassell / Nikki Garcia Poling / Emmy Lincoln / Big Toe / Darcy Yates / Aide Vanessa Flores / Brian Schetzsle / Ashford Harrison /

David McNeley / Casey Wong /

The Hive Gallery Resident Artists:

Alyssa Beasley /Annie Terrazzo / Arlou Somo / / Ave Rose / David Reyes / Diana Levin / Doug Meyer/ / Dulcinea Circelli / Ellen Schinderman / Glenn Fox /

Graphation / Greg Gould / Gretchen Ingram / Hollis Hart / Ink Pen Mutations / Jennifer Korsen / Jinx / John Dang / J.Salvador / Keith W ong / Lisa Levy / Luciano Martinez /

Marcel DeJure / Marigrace Alebelda / Mark Posey / Meirav Haber / Michelle Hall / Mike Street / Nathan Cartwright / Patrick Haemmerlein / Randy Kono / Ken Dougherty /

Sara Hedstrom /Sarah Ockuly / Sarah Winkle / Shrine / Sonik / Stephan Canthal / Stephen Holman / Superpao / Teod Tomlinson / Walt Hall / John Federico / Skye Gilliam


Alex Chiu
Daniella Batsheva
John Haley III


Seraphime Angelis

Medium, Astrologer, Card Reader, Poet


Monday, May 6, 2013

Three Rivers Arts Festival

It has been a whirlwind of getting life back together again in a new place. The winter was long and cold here and after being in sunshine for so many years I ended up hibernating with the time slipping through my fingers. Recently I found out I am one of the eight selected for the emerging artists scholarship program from the many applications they received this year. This definitely brightened my spirits and am happy to say I will be there Wednesday June 12- Sunday June 16th at Booth 64. There will be a lot of art, music and food! I used to attend this festival when I was young and in art school. Here is a link to check out what will be happening at the festival.

'Two for tea' article written by Michael Ashman

I am a little late posting this news. Life is finally settling down and I have access to the internet more often. Pamela and my collaboration 'Two for tea' was exhibited at the Thumbprint gallery during a show of Pamela Jaeger, Brian Dombrowsky and Paul Brogden's. An article was written about our piece and you can find it at this link.